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2008_gazpacho_6Gazpacho, one of my all-time favorite bands, posted this (below) today at FACEBOOK.  I assume they won’t mind me reposting it here at Progarchy–Brad, ed.






Hi there and greeting from us lazybones. It has been a special year with happy and sad events as life thunders on. We can definitely confirm that we havent been.

However, being who we are, it has been very difficult to suspend the need to make more of our particular brand of music. Last album Mog was written in a frenzied weekend session where most of the original demos were kept and polished over the year it took to make the final album.

This time we set our standards much higher and as the months have gone by we have written about an hours worth of music which will be whittled down and added to over the year. We have committed to a concept album in the true meaning of the word and where our last four albums have been intended as films without pictures the new one feels a lot more like a novel. A novel written by a confused and crazy man but still a novel!

The ideas we are toying with are based around the concept of evil and its different shapes and incarnations. The malevolent force that mankind has dressed up as the will of God or the misdeeds of demons depending on the circumstance. Is it possible to catch the feel and the impact of this in music? Well we think so, and the demos are dark but strangely engaging.

Its still early days and as soon as we have a release date we’ll keep you posted.

Wish us luck!


3 thoughts on “Gazpacho news

  1. Nick

    Awesome news!

    I found those comments about the recording of MoG interesting. Although I like it well enough, I don’t feel that it has the depth or intensity of Missa Atropos or Night. Perhaps the speed with which the songs were written has something to do with that.



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