Help Leah Write, Record, and Produce Her 2nd Album

leah-metalThe North American Metal Maiden herself, Leah McHenry, is working on her second album.  As our Chris Morrissey detailed in two long pieces last fall, Leah is an astounding artist on the rise.  We’re very happy (indeed, quite thrilled) to support her.  While I don’t know metal in the way that Chris does, I can state that Leah is incredibly talented.  She’s, to my mind, what Sarah McLachlan should’ve become after her third album, 1993’s FUMBLING TOWARD ECSTASY.  Actually, Leah’s first album, OF EARTH AND ANGELS, lyrically as well as musically, is every bit as good as anything Sarah McLachlan did with her first thee extraordinary albums.  After 1993, McLachlan started playing it safe, writing great pop ballads but nothing to match what she did between 1989 and 1993.  Unlike McLachlan, Leah will almost certainly never lose her edge.  Her creativity and integrity seem to be as limitless as the strength of her rather Celtic voice.

On a personal note, I have had the brief opportunity to get to know her a bit through the internet.  She’s as kind and interesting (she’s a mother of four!) as she is talented.  She has a long and fulfilling career ahead of her.

Here (below) is what Leah has posted as an appeal.  Please support her as you can.  She’s been invited to be a member of Progarchy, and she’s welcome to post or review here anytime.  Though, of course, she’s got her family and career to think about.  Regardless, we will continue to sing her praises.–Brad, ed.


I am an emerging celtc-metal artist and songwriter from Vancouver, BC Canada.

In 2012 I released my debut independant album “Of Earth and Angels.”

People have described me as “The ENYA of heavy metal” and “Loreena Mckennitt meets Delain.”

I’m very influenced by celtic, world, and new age music as well as my love for symphonic metal. Fusing different genres together is a challenge I enjoy and that others seem to enjoy hearing!

I have a growing fanbase through the internet, purely from word-of-mouth and social media, since I haven’t had the time to promote my music from touring (I’m a stay at home mom). Despite that fact, I’m absolutely amazed at the number of enthusiastic fans I’ve gained and continue to gain every day!

That is pretty amazing, especially because while I’m committed to being a full-time mother, people are discovering my music all over the world and raving about my album!

This is great! But now fans want MORE from me. If you liked my first album, there is a LOT more where that came from!!

What I Need & What You Get

A production like mine is not cheap, but it’s nothing compared to what big labels spend! The following is an estimate, and one category may need more than the other category, but for simplicity’s sake:

  • $1000 for pre-production
  • $10000 will pay for my producer and studio time
  • $5000 will pay for musicians
  • $8000 for mixing and mastering (this would be a bargain).
  • $3,000 for album artwork, photography, and replication
  • $3,000+  publicity and radio promotion (U.S., Latin America, Europe)
  • $5,000+  videography and editing for official video releases

*** If we can raise more than our goal, we can take the music worldwide. That means radio and press, tv and film, official videos and MUCH more.

leah-magicI’ve chosen a flexible campaign, which means I can if I don’t hit the campaign goal, I can still use the funding that is raised. But it will mean we will need to re-evaluate where and how the money is spent and adjust it accordingly.

Depending of the size of your generosity, all contributors will get something very special from me 🙂

Your contribution and support means the world to me. It means I can:

  • Continue to be there for my family
  • Focus on writing high-quality material that the world will love
  • Have the potential to become known world-wide and still be an independent artist
  • Gives tangible support to the female-fronted metal scene!

Other Ways You Can Help

If you feel you want to contribute and aren’t able to monetarily:

  • Help me spread the word by sharing my campaign with your social networks by using the Indiegogo share tools!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


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