Nosound Cover Pink Floyd’s Echoes

artworks-000011754621-tdrn2o-t500x500I know that I can get into all kinds of trouble for stating this, but, when covers are done well, they’re often even better than the originals.  And, I don’t mean to degrade the originals.  For example, I think NDV’s Rewiring Genesis does an even better job at LAMB LIES DOWN than did Genesis originally.  Heresy???  Maybe.  But, it’s true.

Here’s another example.  I love Pink Floyd’s Echoes.  I was probably 14 or so when my friend and sometime debate colleague, Darrin, showed me Pink Floyd’s Live in Pompei on laser disc.  I was blown away.

But, this version (linked below) is even better.  I’m sure production and technological advances have something do with it.  But, I also think it’s because the covers do come later, and the folks who cover them often have integrated the songs into their very being in ways the original writers probably didn’t.

Yes, start writing crazy things about me in the posts comments!  At 45, I’m thick skinned enough to take it!!!

So, here’s the cover and the masterpiece: Nosound’s version of Pink Floyd’s Echoes.  Makes me just sigh in wonder.  Erra is a genius.  And, he “just gets it.”

4 thoughts on “Nosound Cover Pink Floyd’s Echoes

  1. Rob Hanemaaijer

    Very good version. For me the vocals are no problem. My only remark is the less spooky sound compared with the original.


    1. Rob, the original is brilliant. No doubt. I take Erra’s version more as a statement of organicism, though. It’s the electronics in the PF version that makes it spooky. Erra’s version seems more complete–but, you’re right, not as ghostly.


  2. John Deasey

    A very good cover indeed, but, for once Mr Birzer, I disagree !! The original for me is far, far better. For another version from the UK you could also try Brit Floyd (pretty stunning live …)



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