Days Between Stations. A Must Own. Yes, Must.

days between stationsForgive this quick post.  We have a school event to attend this evening.

But, I can’t allow this afternoon to pass without noticing one of the best new releases of the year, Days Between Stations’ latest, “In Extremis.”  What can I write, but that this album is simply mind boggling.  I played it for the first time only early yesterday morning, and I’ve listened to little else in two days.  I’m sure I’m on my seventh or eighth listen.

This is prog.  Psychadelic prog, but prog–unapologetic prog–to be sure.  There are some hints of Pink Floyd, Miles Davis, early Spock’s Beard, Genesis, and The Doors within.  Regardless, Days Between Stations is its own band.

To add to overall beauty of this album, Colin Moulding, Tony Levin, and Rick Wakeman contribute.

It is an absolute must own.  A huge thank to Billy James of Glass Onyon for letting me know about this thing of beauty.  And, long live the Eggshell Man.

8 thoughts on “Days Between Stations. A Must Own. Yes, Must.

  1. With a few minor reservations about the production being a tad too slick (the drums could sound a bit more organic to match the music), this CD is excellent. Wonderful release.


  2. Thank you for the kind words… it has been a very long and difficult road to get this release out. We have been in our little bubble for 5 years not once worrying what people might think. Now that it is out we are nervous 🙂 -Sepand


  3. carleolson

    Two listens now, and I am impressed. Certainly Floydian at times, without a doubt, but never obnoxiously so. Thanks, Brad!


  4. Nick

    Gets better and better with every listen. The Man Who Died Two Times is a total earworm. Eggshell Man is classic epic prog. Definite contender for my “Best Of 2013” list.



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