The Sound of Sound of Contact

Simon Collins (SC) and Dave Kerzner (DK) explain the sound of Sound of Contact in their latest interview:

How would you describe your music to those that are yet to hear your work?

SC: We create mental atmospheres spanning a wide spectrum of sonic territory from ambient sci-fi infused Space Rock to vintage Classic and modern Progressive Rock. That said we all have a pop sensibility that really shows in our songwriting. Most importantly when all is said and done, the song is king. There’s a variety of moods and mental atmospheres here that we wish we could find more of these days, but there seems to be a void in music today. In a way, we’ve sub-consciously ended up creating the kind of music we would want to buy and love to listen to ourselves.

DK: Yeah, if you were to think of classic rock bands from the 70’s and bring forward some of the styles of songwriting such as dramatic chord changes, wide dynamic range and picturesque soundscapes fused in with a modern alt rock or even somewhat futuristic film score type sound you’d get an idea of what to expect from Sound of Contact.

You can also listen to Dave having a chat over at Epic Prog: [Part 1] [Part 2]

Dave really knows his prog. Watch him in action below on keys (and with Nick D’Virgilio on drums) at Progfest ’94:


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