A Progressive Rocker from Wisconsin: Cailyn Lloyd

cailynWe invited one of our favorite artists, Cailyn Lloyd, to tell us about what’s going on in her rather busy life.  Dedicated to her family and her home life, she’s also quite dedicated to her art.  And, excellent it is.  Her first album, FOUR PIECES, was one of the best albums of 2012, and she demonstrated to the rock world how to approach classical music (and a bit of Texas-style blues guitar) with taste and nothing but taste.

Thank you, Cailyn, for taking the time to let us know what’s going on.download




I am in the studio, working on a new project called Voyager. This project arose from my interest in the Planets Suite by Gustav Holst. Problem was, the music as it stood did not easily lend itself to a rock interpretation and the opening movement, Mars, had already been explored extensively by better artists than I. The idea gradually evolved from there to a musical interpretation of the Voyager Space Project.

Voyager will include excerpts from Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune from the Planets Suite as well as ten original pieces of music: Voyager (the opening track), Io, Europa, Titan, Enceladus, Miranda, Ariel, Triton, Pale Blue Dot, and Heliopause. I have completed sketches for all of the tracks and I am now working on the instrumentation and programming.

While I originally imagined this as a progressive rock suite, it will be more eclectic, not adhering to any single genre. Much of it is classically inflected symphonic prog, particularly the Planet Suite excerpts as well as Io, Titan, and Triton. Europa and Pale Blue Dot are more New Age with blues inflections. Enceladus is free form without time or key signature.

Voyager will primarily be an instrumental work though I do imagine some wordless vocals on a few tracks using a vocalist rather than samples. Most of the drumming will be recorded on an acoustic set. The bass guitar and keyboards will be more prominent, especially the keys as much of the original music is being written at the keyboard.

Currently planning for a release date in mid-2014. When I’m not working on Voyager, I have been listening to Steven Wilson (The Raven that Refused to Sing), District 97 (Trouble with Machines), Erik Satie (various piano works), Respighi (Church Windows and others), and Sarah McLachlan (one of my guilty pleasures). More soon….

To visit Cailyn’s personal website, click here.  Again, a huge thanks to Cailyn.  We eagerly await VOYAGER.

3 thoughts on “A Progressive Rocker from Wisconsin: Cailyn Lloyd

  1. eheter

    I love the concept behind this, and love that you are including some of the major moons of the outer planets as the basis for pieces. It will be interesting to hear what Io, Europa, Titan and other inspire musically.


  2. carleolson

    Thanks for this glimpse into Cailyn’s work. Sarah McLachlan need not be a guilty pleasure, especially not her earlier stuff—just a pleasure. Saw her in concert in 1997 or 1998 in Portland, and she was fabulous. “Fumbling Toward Ecstasy” is one of the finest pop albums of the 1990s.


  3. Agreed with both Erik and Carl. I’ve seen McLachlan twice (1995 and 2012). She was excellent both times. I think her first three albums are stunning. After the first three, uneven. But, just as with Natalie Merchant and Tori Amos (comparable stars of their time), McLachlan might still have another Solace or Touch in her. I wish she’d gone in a more Talk Talk/Mark Hollis direction as she started to on Solace. Let’s pray.



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