Fractal Mirror Arrives

FM web imageLeo Koperdraat of Holland posted this on Big Big Train’s Facebook page tonight.  Nice.  And, very exciting.  The drummer is even our own progarchist, Frank Urbaniak, and the artist is our own progarchist, Brian Watson.  A progarchical band!  Ok, I really can’t claim them–but I am rather happy to be associated with them–Brad (ed.)


Dear BBT friends,

Just a year ago I had build up enough courage to post a song me and a friend had made. We have been making music for ourselves for about 20 years but this group made me feel confident enough to post one of these songs. With all the talk that happens here I would not expect you to remember it.

However we got a lot of positive remarks and the best thing that happened was that one of the members of this group was so positive about our music that he volunteered to become our drummer.

And now one year later we are called Fractal Mirror, the ten songs that we hope will be on our first album have been mixed and mastered by the excellent Rhys Marsh from Rhys Marsh and the Autumn Ghost and finally one of our tracks will be featured on the New Species Vol X cd that will be part of the next issue of Classic Rock Society Magazine. Without this fabulous group of BBT fans none of this would have happened and on behalf of Fractal Mirror I would just like to say:

THANK YOU! BBT fans and GregAndyDavidNickDanny andDave for creating this wonderful platform called Big Big Train group!!

We will now be looking for a deal with a record company that is willing to release our first album, Strange Attractors.

Fractal Mirror are:

Ed Van Haagen: Bass, Keyboards and Programming
Leo Koperdraat: Voice, Guitars, Keyboards and Lyrics
Frank L. Urbaniak: Drums, Percussion and Lyrics
Brian Watson: All Artwork (Brian has been responsible for a lot of the booklet art that was part of The Tangent’s Le Sacre du Travail)
Andre de Boer: Video Art.

fm cover web

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