A Perfect Introduction to Prog: 2003. Or, was it 2002?

fk fpWell, not quite perfect, but I probably got your attention.  I’m becoming a marketer!  Dear Lord.  Help us all.

For much of my life, friends have asked me to explain progressive rock to them.  A decade ago (Or so.  It might have been more than a decade ago–probably sometime around 2002, now that I think about it), I decided to start burning CDs as a way of introducing the genre.  This morning, as I was cleaning an area that should’ve been cleaned a while ago, I came across a copy of the CD.

For whatever reason, I entitled it “Regressive Rock, Part I.”  I must’ve thought that was pretty funny at the time, though I don’t remember exactly why.  I assume that I didn’t want my friends thinking that “progressive” had something to do with crazy right-wing nationalists (such as Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson from a century ago; or President Bush of 2002).  In the United States, “progressive” often recalls horrifically embarrassing memories of slaughtering Indians, interning Japanese Americans, and treating African-Americans inhumanely.

Well, regardless.

As I was making Sunday brunch, I popped the CD in and found myself quite happy with the selections.  Here they are.  Let me know what you think.



1.  Flower Kings, “Deaf, Numb, and Blind”

Here’s my own appreciation of this song: https://progarchy.com/2012/11/17/mini-review-deaf-numb-and-blind/

2.   Genesis, “Squonk”

3.  Rush, “Natural Science”

4.  Pat Methany, “The Roots of Coincidence”

5.  Pink Floyd, “Echoes”

6.  Spock’s Beard, “At the End of the Day”


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