The Joys of Mobile Computing

Tthis is a test of sorts, insofar as I have uploaded (I hope) the progarchy site admin pages onto my phone. It appears that I now have the ability to update progarchy whilst out and about and on the move. Which is splendid, especially as my old laptop has expired.
If you are reading this it means my experiment in mobile computing has been a success. And my next review, of the splendid 1996 album Human Interest Story by 3RDegree will appear via this method. The album has had a nice remastering job done and will be the band’s first release on 10T Records, as a download only on all the usual sites. An exclusive new track will be available on the 10T website. Expect a release some time in December, in a range of formats.
So, that’s all for now and I hope I have whetted your appetite for this highly anticipated release by one of my favourite American prog bands.


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