Snow Goose is no Turkey – A new Tangent Release!

The Tangent -snow goose

The new release from the Tangent is due out on Christmas Eve….I’m going to stop there and clarify that. The newest release from the Tangent in 2013 is out on tomorrow. Yes another piece of great music from Andy Tillison is being released just before the Christmas holidays. A prolific few months from the band have given us some of the best music of the year in the form of two albums Le Sacre Du Travail and L’Etagere Du Travail.

“Music Inspired by Music Inspired by the Snow Goose” is the official title of the latest offering and this is exactly what the name suggests. A homage to one of the best prog albums of the original era by Camel.
A fantastic recent tour from a revitalised Andy Latimer has no doubt had some influence in this creative moment for Andy and the results are a delight that I’m sure even the most hardened critics will warm to.

The song starts with a familiar refrain that could have come straight out of the Camel stable, a flute based toe tapper that draws you in and literary makes you smile. As the song settles into the middle instrumental passages it offers a clever blend of the flavours of Camel but there is enough of The Tangent sound in there to convince you that you aren’t actually just listening to a blatant pastiche. Impressively everything is performed by Andy on the small set up within his house. (The dining room I think.)
A special mention goes to Sally Collyer for the camera work on the video that has been made to accompany the song and Andy’s post production editing skills combine to make a fun piece which brings out the charm of the track perfectly.

Significant proceeds from the sale of the track are going to a good causes in particular Cancer charities in honour of Andy Latimer’s return and also the expectation of a speedy recovery for Christina Booth from Magenta who is also being treated at this time.

I am hoping plenty of people read this and share it, and most of all, purchase this track on Christmas Eve. It will blow away your Christmas stress, help you with the wrapping of presents and keep you company whilst you plough your way through a bottle of Shiraz.

Well actually it probably won’t but it will remind you this has been a great year for Tangent music and progressive rock in general.

MP3 and FLAC will be available to buy from the Tangent shop at and the song will be free to watch on YouTube from Tues 24th at 8pm – 20:00 GMT

4 thoughts on “Snow Goose is no Turkey – A new Tangent Release!

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