Send My Roots Rain ★★★★★ @JosephBottum @RemodeledMusic

Send My Roots Rain

Don’t miss Send My Roots Rain, a great EP with amazing vocals by Mallory Reaves, splendid instrumentation and production by Chris Folsom, and music and lyrics by Joseph Bottum:

Recorded by Nashville studio performers, Send My Roots Rain presents seven songs by poet and bestselling essayist Joseph Bottum. It’s new wine in old bottles—as each song rethinks a roots melody, giving new words and new life to underappreciated moments from the deep traditions of Anglo-American music. With an ear for the modal strains of shape-note and folk music, Bottum provides the words and revised melodies that bring out the murder, mayhem, and melancholy—the lovesick emotions, the God-haunted thickness, and the rich connections to the natural world—that the old music always assumed. The poetry of Send My Roots Rain aims at nothing less than what traditional music wants to say.

This is truly a splendid release from Remodeled Music. Definitely an upper-echelon release for 2014!

Consisting only of the finest sort of traditional popular music and poetry, you will want to download this and play it again and again during your most reflective summertime moments.

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