Joseph Bottum @JosephBottum — Grace and Gladness ♫♫♫♫

From the people who gave us Send My Roots Rain earlier this year, we now have the two-song Christmas release Grace and Gladness. You can download it from iTunes. Joseph Bottum tells us that the songs were

recorded down at the Underground Treehouse in Nashville, with production by Chris Folsom and vocals by Mallory Reaves.
I’m really happy with them, but we’ll see what everyone else thinks. The first is “Joy Will Keep Us,” set to a modern melody by my amazingly productive composer friend, Mike Linton. And the second is “Some Come to See the Lord,” new words to a recasting of a 16th-century Swedish melody [“Bereden väg för Herran”] that Priscilla M. Jensen taught me.
There’s something about Christmas songs that makes them glow. Christmas, I suppose, it must be. The Princeton filmmaker Margaret Craycraft filmed the sessions”


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