The New North Atlantic Oscillation Single

nao-fogNAO has just released its first single from its forthcoming album, THE THIRD DAY, premiered at CLASH magazine.

North Atlantic Oscillation aren’t really like other bands.

For a start, they’re named after a bizarre weather phenomenon. Casting a quick gaze over their output to date – 2010’s ‘Grappling Hooks’ and 2012’s ‘Fog Electric’ respectively – reveals a group who are comfortable in their own skin, able to mash together shoegaze, electronics, psychedelic and more.

Blessed with a near ludicrous number of pop hooks, North Atlantic Oscillation are able to piece these elements together into something immediate, something enticing. As we say, they’re pretty special.

Any citizen of the republic of progarchy knows how freakin’ much we love NAO and all things Sam Healy!  Very, very eager for this.

Here’s my review of SAND.

And, here’s my review of FOG ELECTRIC.

And, just in case you need more convincing, just look at the new cover.  Yes, it must be a part of my collection.

The Third Day
The Third Day


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