3 thoughts on “Flying Colors — Mask Machine (Official Music Video)

  1. eheter

    Wow, I just realized that I’ve seen Casey MacPhereson in the band Endochine, which use to be pretty big on the local circuit around here.


  2. bryanmorey94

    I have yet to really get into The Flying Colors, and I’m not really sure why. They have fantastic musicians and Mike Portnoy is my second favorite drummer (behind Peart of course), so I guess I need to sit down with their music. I’m considering going to their concert in the Chicago area in October. I missed Transatlantic this spring, and these guys are playing at the same venue.

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    1. It took me only two years to like the first album, but it’s been on constant rotation these past couple of weeks. I can’t say the same of any other album that I love. Hope Second Nature can live up to its predecessor!

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