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Our great and brilliant friend, Andy Tillison, is blogging like the English madman he is! Join us in celebrating the mighty pen (and keyboard) of Mr. Diskdrive!


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Welcome to the Tangent Blog. It’s been a long time coming. Here I’m going to TRY to be good and continue the work that the band does on paper. or not on paper actually, but you know what I mean.  This can be translated as “I’m going to nag on and on about stuff that no-one is really bothered about” but it seems that that activity is quite the thing these days, so why shouldn’t I try?


The Author with the only person he could get to listen that day.

The Tangent is a Progressive Rock Band. It tries to be be more than just that – which typifies the band as pretentious, full of its own self importance and  – well…

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