Tillison Megafan Pre-pre-Orders

Nearly unstoppable in his Chestertonian genius, Andy Tillison is once again on the move.  

Evolving in what can only be considered punctuated equilibrium, our favorite redheaded English master of mischiveousness had not only just introduced the world to his new blog, http://www.thetangent.org/, he has also—as of yesterday—introduced the world to his new music, all of it in progress.

If you go to the official website, http://www.thetangent.org/, click on “shop,” and purchase the megafan pre-pre-release, you will immediately gain access to six new songs from Andy.

The three The Tangent songs are: A Spark in the Aether, Part 1; Codpieces and Capes; and A Spark in the Aether, Part 2.

The three pieces from the forthcoming solo album, “Multiplex,” are: Allegro; Andante; and Prosciutto.

I’ve only owned each of these six songs for less than 24 hours, but I’m already hooked.  If you properly assumed the genius of Tillison before today, be prepared to be even MORE impressed.