The Levin Brothers: A Review


On September 9, renowned musicians (and brothers) Tony and Pete Levin released their first album together.  Although Tony is primarily a rocker and Pete primarily a jazz musician who has played with some rock bands, this album is strictly classic jazz.  Both brothers (and their supporting musicians) shine on this album, as Tony yet again amazes with his bass work and Pete does a wonderful job on piano and keys.  And what more would you expect from two classy Boston guys? My first impression after listening was how I wished I could be in a nightclub chatting with some pals enjoying music like this. The album just has that kind of atmosphere. While listening, you’ll probably be tempted to tap your feet and say, “Play it again, fellas.” I highly recommend this album for anyone who is interested in jazz, especially the classic jazz scene of the 1950s. There is a great mix of slow paced, relaxing piano driven songs and up tempo, sax and percussion driven pieces that will make you want to swing. Here are some of my favorites:

Bassics: the first song features the acclaimed drummer Steve Gadd, and this is primarily a bass and percussion driven track anchored by Gadd’s steady rhythms and Tony’s melodic bass

Brothers: a faster paced piece featuring excellent keyboard work from Pete and the usual fine bass work from Tony

Havana: played with some Spanish flair and even features some scat singing

Gimme Some Scratch: saxophone (played with dexterity by Erik Lawrence), one of my favorite instruments, really shines on this song

If you’re searching for some classic jazz music from a classy group of guys (who also happen to be extraordinary musicians), then this is an album certainly worth adding to your collection. You can support the Levin Brothers by visiting their website:




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