10 thoughts on “Just How Wrong Can One Reviewer Be? Rush, Moving Pictures, 1981.

  1. OH………..MY…………..GAWD!!! Without choosing to go INTO all the HATRED I’m now feeling towards this DOUCHEBAG who CALLS HIMSELF a “writer”…………I’ll simply SAY,that in THIS DAY and Age 33 years later…………I am QUITE CERTAIN this “Tom Krueger” is Pumping GAS somewhere in North-Dakota,assuming he’s employed AT ALL still!?!? Many people have asked me over the years WHY I choose NOT to read people’s “Reviews” on today’s music as it may give one incentive to want to listen to it or not!?!? Well Friends……..THIS IS WHY^^^ I choose to NOT let someobody ELSE make up my decisions FOR ME,on what is “GOOD” music,and what is NOT!!! For I can easily do that for MYSELF!!! The only thing this review DID for me,was REMIND ME That “IDIOCY” is all around us!!!

    My Thanks to Sir-Brad here,for giving the REST of us,incite on how grossly WRONG reviewers can be on MANY LEVELS!!! ~Peace~

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  2. carleolson

    Two terms come to mind: “confused” and “passive-aggressive”. He actually ends by endorsing and praising the album–after spending most of the review bashing at it like an angry art critic from the Upper Side of NYC. Weird!

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  3. Jeff

    Seriously people, let it go. This was written 33 years ago, and it’s an *opinion* piece. The review was written in 1981 to appease a wide audience of fans and non-fans alike, obvious in its waffling tone where each criticism is then negated by several compliments. The analysis is interesting, and a writer’s *opinion* can’t be disputed. You just can’t argue with an opinion. In the end, this piece is actually a glowing review by a critic who “enthusiastically endorses” this album.

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