One More Red Night — @District97 with John Wetton (Best Prog Albums of 2014 — Part 7)

Usually live albums don’t make it onto my Top Ten lists, but this one is so impressive that it cannot be denied its rightful place among the best of the year.

John Wetton is an incredible vocalist who is unbelievably still singing as amazingly as he ever has. And the musicianship of everybody else takes these Crim classics even beyond their original versions!

1. One More Red Nightmare (4:41)
2. The Great Deceiver (3:38)
3. Lament (4:19)
4. The Night Watch (5:31)
5. Fallen Angel (5:47)
6. Book Of Saturday (3:07)
7. 21st Century Schizoid Man (5:25)
8. Starless (4:47)
9. Easy Money (5:27)

Produced by Jonathan Schang

Recorded live on October 17, 2013 at Reggie’s Music Joint, Chicago, IL

John Wetton — Lead Vocal
Leslie Hunt — Lead and Backing Vocals
Jim Tashjian — Guitar, Backing Vocals
Rob Clearfield — Keyboards, Additional Guitar
Patrick Mulcahy — Bass
Jonathan Schang — Drums

Robert Fripp never had Leslie Hunt singing backup, did he? Well, it was Crimson’s loss! She may humbly take the back seat here, but her superstar harmonizing vocals, and the occasional dazzling lead on a verse here and there, indelibly inject another entire dimension into these brilliant songs.

I can’t get enough of listening to this album. Furthermore, it even spurred me on to listen to Crimson’s entire back catalogue this year. That’s because Leslie and the boys here forcefully reminded me what the upper echelon of prog is really all about.

District 97 has assumed the mantle, and I can’t wait to hear their new studio album set for release next year.

This stunning album gets five stars and makes my Top Ten Prog Albums of 2014. I would love to see this band live someday. This album is proof that they are an absolutely killer live act.


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