Album Review: U2 – Songs of Innocence

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If U2 wasn’t one of the world’s most beloved bands it certainly is now.

Quite un-expectantly, the Irish rockers released the follow-up to No Line On the Horizon on Tuesday – an 11 song effort entitled Songs of Innocence on the heels of Apple’s latest and greatest technological achievements.

No wonder it took so long. Was that whole Bono has writer’s block rumor, among other reasons, for the long-anticipated album’s delay, simply a ruse to get people to stop talking about U2 and a record that was widely expected for release last year? Apparently, because the headlines of U2’s new album, available for free, nearly stole the headlines away from Apple. U2 performed live during Apple’s much hyped press conference announcing the new iPhone 6 and Apple Watch.

So, what’s even better than a free U2 album? A really good U2 album that is the quartet’s finest in more than…

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