Dave Kerzner on Kevin Gilbert

Dave Kerzner remembers his old friend Kevin Gilbert:

Here’s the background of a virtual “Thud Reunion” that happened on the songs “Theta” and “My Old Friend” from New World/New World Deluxe Edition. Back in the 90s I used to play with a brilliant artist named Kevin Gilbert and his band called “Thud” which also featured Nick D’Virgilio on drums. While I’ve worked with Nick again since, I had not played with Thud’s shredding guitarist Russ Parrish (aka Satchel from “Steel Panther”!) and genius tabla player Satnam Ramgotra since then. Flash forward 18 years and we’re all playing together again on my album on a song I dedicated to Kevin. That was something very special and meaningful to me and I think to them too. Kevin was a virtuoso musician and exceptional lyricist. He sadly passed away at an early age not more than a year or so after we all played together. But, his music lives on and is worth checking out! Here’s a song called “Joytown” which not only has myself, Nick and Satnam on it but I do a little keyboard solo on the Wurlitzer EP (a sound I used on Theta/My Old Friend) with a little funny shout out from Kevin. The lyrics of this song (and all of his songs) are clever, quirky and unique. When I wrote the words for “My Old Friend” I stretched myself to “Kevinize” it a bit in his honor.

Playing with him and just knowing him raised the bar for lyric writing and music recording for me. He’s been a big influence in many ways. I’ll never forget the speech he gave to me about singing my songs. It only took me another 18 years to release them! Here’s “Joytown” by Kevin Gilbert, performed by “Thud” Live at the famous Troubadour in West Hollywood, California in 1995.



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