Distorted Harmony: Calling Blackjack on 2014

Why do I love all those “best of” lists at the end of the year?

Because I get to learn about so much great music that I somehow missed.

Then, I get to spend most of January catching up!

For this reason, I really love January. It’s always full of excellent discoveries!

Last year I gave my Top 20 of 2014, but now, after spending the first half of January listening to excellent discs that I missed, but learned about from others, I am calling “blackjack” on 2014.

Yes, that’s right: 21.

One of the very greatest albums of 2014 was Chain Reaction by Distorted Harmony.

I am officially adding it to my Top 21 list.

This January (2015), I find myself returning to Chain Reaction again and again.

I have playlists full of stuff to listen to, but then suddenly, at the last minute, I will push it all aside, because I want to hear Chain Reaction again!

I will post a review soon, but in the meantime, I recommend you check out this fine disc that deserves a place in the upper echelon of 2014’s very best prog metal.

If you’re a friend of liberty, and an enemy of ideology, perhaps you will find your way into this album through the quite excellent track “Children of Red.”

Prog on!



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