What to Make of ‘Rush: Live at Electric Lady Studios 1974?’

rush vault

elec ladyAnother bootleg recording turned into a CD, this one from a show Rush played in 1974 at Electric Lady studios in New York City. The recording has been floating around for years in an unofficial CD, called Rush Hour, but about two years ago it was repackaged into an unofficial import CD, called Rush: Live at Electric Lady Studios and made available on Amazon.

The studio was built by Jimi Hendrix. He bought what was then the Generation Club in 1968 and two years later added a recording studio. He recorded “Snow Blues” there in 1970, but he didn’t get to use his space after that; he died in London a few weeks after making his recording. Hundreds of artists and bands have since played or recorded there, including The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Stevie Wonder, David Bowie, and Patti Smith. In more recent years Lana Del Rey, Arcade Fire…

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