Wish You Were Here: Muzak over Pop

After a wonderful family day at the Denver Natural History and Science Museum, the Birzers stopped at a Barnes and Noble.  While perusing the new science fiction books, I realized I recognized the tune being played over the store sound system.  The voice was sickeningly sweet, sappy, gunky, sugary, and “preciously” pop.  Blah.  How could I know this song?  It’s rotten, corrupt, decadent.  Then, it hit me.  It’s a remake of Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here.”  And, then, it hit me even harder.  Dear God, what have we done?  The Muzak version of the song is better than this pop sap.  Oh, great art–what has commerce done to thee???  Curse the remake artist, the record company that supports it, and the stores that promote it.

From fanpop.com.
From fanpop.com.

3 thoughts on “Wish You Were Here: Muzak over Pop

  1. Michał

    I have this theory that there is a whole secret industry making Muzak, they live and record underground, deep below shopping centers and spew the product on unsuspecting shoppers. They play the music straight from their underground dens and monitor the sales. If they are not acceptable, the track is never played again – why else do you never hear most of these again?;)

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