An Afterthought: Eric Gillette

Gillette's first album.
Gillette’s first album.

In 2013, Eric Gillette, best known as the lead guitarist of the Neal Morse Band, released his first solo album.  At the time, it arrived as a review copy just when Progarchy was getting off the ground.  And, due to the graciousness of a number of record labels who immediately supported us (thank you!), a couple of releases got, more or less, lost in the deluge of prog wonder.  One of these albums was Gillette’s.  I don’t have time for a full review at the moment, as I’m heading off to CU to teach for the day.  But, having been rather blown away by Gillette on Saturday night in Denver, I decided to pull the first album out again.  Oh boy, it’s good.  Really, really, really good.  I shouldn’t have let this one fly by without notice.  A full review or two is coming your way.

In the meantime, trust me.  This is one very talented young man, and he is the future of prog.  Purchase this album.

3 thoughts on “An Afterthought: Eric Gillette

  1. I picked this up after the show the other night. Really looking forward to seeing what else Eric’s concocted. I’ll probably follow your review up with one of my own. 😉


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