Salander’s THE FRAGILITY OF INNOCENCE, March 3, 2015

Just received this from the two Daves of Salander.  Last year’s two releases from the band certainly made my top 10 of the year, and I have no doubt this will album equal or surpass the first two.–Brad
Front Cover
We are pleased to announce that a new Salander album will be released on March 3rd on Bandcamp  It is called The Fragility of Innocence and is a concept album about an 8 year old girl living in Iceland called Silja.
Dave Curnow has written the story and this will come packaged with the album.
We thank you for your support this past year and thank you in advance for your interest in this new album. We really hope you enjoy it as it probably will be our last.
Dave and Dave from Salander


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