Red hot Chile proggers — Inmateria ★★★★★ @inmateria_

Here’s a self-written bio for Inmateria, the amazing band whose eponymous 2015 album I told you about yesterday (and be sure to have a free listen to the whole fantastic ★★★★★ album):

INMATERIA is a Progressive Rock band that excels in their home country, Chile. They possess the quality of a being a band with a progressive sound that does not invoke one specific band, but really depends on the listener to hear and reminisce in their mind for their own influences. The memorable melodies of their Argentine-Chilean vocalist Solange Sosa make Inmateria a more accesible band that both the most relentless progressive rock listeners, and the ones who love melodies to hum, would love.

Their concept album “Inmateria” is composed of a continuous 10-part story called “La llama en el Mar” (“The Flame On The Sea”) and a second song, 10:30 in length, called “El Problema Del Mal” (“The Problem Of Evil”). “The Flame On The Sea” is a metaphor with many layers that talks about childhood, feeling out of place, depression, and innocence. It blends powerful progressive rock songs with more mellow tunes and instrumental themes that could be part of a film score.

The second song on the album, “El Problema Del Mal,” is a shorter 10:30 tune that talks about “The Problem Of Evil,” which refers to the idea that, if God is omnipotent and good, why is there evil in the world?

Solange Sosa – Vocals
Matí­as Armstrong – Guitars and Keyboards
Luis Jaraquemada – Bass and Keyboards
Daniel Frommer – Drums
Gabriel Varela – Keyboards

1. Preludio (Instrumental) [01:54]

2. Lejos De Aquí [05:19]

3. Anormal [04:48]

4. La Inocencia (Instrumental) [02:48]

5. Fuera De Lugar [04:07]

6. En La Oscuridad [07:16]

7. La Búsqueda (Instrumental) [01:56]

8. Un Paso Atrás [03:57]

9. Flotar [07:01]

10. Epílogo (Instrumental) [02:58]

11. El Problema Del Mal [10:34]

2 thoughts on “Red hot Chile proggers — Inmateria ★★★★★ @inmateria_

  1. carleolson

    Yes, great headline, TimeLord—or should I say “HeadlineLord”? Just listened to the album for the first time; it is really good. Need to listen a few more times. Good find!

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