Kevin J. Anderson Hugo Nomination!

kja darkScience-fiction master, Neil Peart friend, and prog-rock lyricist (Roswell Six) Kevin J. Anderson just found out this morning that he’s been nominated for a Hugo Award–the single highest award in science fiction–for his novel, The Dark Between the Stars.

The nomination: for best science fiction novel of the year!

Excellent, Kevin!  Absolutely excellent.  Every progarchist sends her or his good thoughts your way.  Whoo-hoo!

3 thoughts on “Kevin J. Anderson Hugo Nomination!

  1. As much as I love Sci-Fi, I read all the original `Saga Of The Seven Suns` and found them to be OK but only OK. A friend of mine has the `Saga Of The Shadows` books and has been enthusiastic about them so I may give the SOTS a try. A nomination dosen`t mean KJA has won a Hugo but good luck to the guy. Has Frank Herbert`s son Brian had any input?



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