Radiant Record’s Weekly Feature: IZZ

Greetings from the Radiant Team!


It’s time for our Weekly Featured Product! This week, our featured item is, Everlasting Instant, the new studio album from American progressive rock group, IZZEverlasting Instant, released April 7, 2015, serves as the final installment of a three-part series of albums that began with The Darkened Room (TDR) in 2009 and continued with Crush of Night in 2012. Everlasting Instant concludes this epic thematic arc with a fresh palette of sounds. From the syncopated rhythms and unpredictable meter changes of “Can’t Feel the Earth, Part IV,” to the through-composed nature of “Keep Away,” to the uplifting drama of “Sincerest Life,” the fearlessly modern sound of IZZ continues to surprise at every turn. A must-have addition to every prog collection! Purchase yours here today!



Everlasting Instant



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