Album Review: Muse – Drones

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Muse Drones

Muse finally released their seventh studio album Drones this week after months of releasing individual singles – six to be exact.

Fully, it’s 12 (let’s just call it 10) songs are not as inventive as 2012’s  The 2nd Law but is certainly awash with Matthew Bellamy’s soaring vocals and guitar chords, Chris Wolstenholme’s thumping bass and is just about everything you’ve come to expect from Muse. It’s arena rock in some areas, keyboard heavy in others, a touch of pop in one and a couple of surprises in some.

Muse is not shying away from their political commentary either as Drones gives plenty of discourse starting with the album cover clearly illustrating mind control. It’s a concept album they pull off well because what else could it be once you hear what’s inside?

Drones starts off with “Dead Inside” which is such a Muse song complete with Dominic…

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