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Debut album “A Dream in Static” to be released later this year

NEW HAVEN, Conn. – New Haven-based progressive ensemble, Earthside, has teamed up with Loudwire to launch a new track, “Mob Mentality,” the second song to be released from the band’s upcoming debut, A Dream in Static, due out later this year. The nearly 10-minute track features guest vocals from Sevendustfrontman, Lajon Witherspoon, and a full orchestral arrangement composed by guitarist Jamie van Dyck and performed by the Moscow Studio Symphony Orchestra (MSSO). Stream “Mob Mentality” exclusively at:

“‘Mob Mentality’ was a four-year undertaking that became an epic journey that took us all over the world,” van Dyck told Loudwire. “It connected us with all sorts of collaborators and new friends. The song began as my senior composition to complete the undergrad music major at Yale, and has since led my bandmates and me to record the Earthside tracks in Stockholm, the Moscow Studio Symphony Orchestra in Russia, and Lajon’s vocals in Iowa with 3 Years Hollow vocalist Jose Urquiza at the helm engineering the vocals session and performing some of the backing vocals on the song.

“Working with LJ and composing for a full orchestra are each lifelong dreams that have been fulfilled, and I’m very grateful to the contributions from them, my bandmates, and so many others who allowed for such a stupidly ambitious vision to actually be realized.”

For further insight on “Mob Mentality,” the band has released two teaser videos discussing the “Mob Mentality” recording process and inspiration on YouTube here: and here:

An inherently collaborative cross-continental project, A Dream in Static was recorded in Stockholm, Sweden under the watch of renowned producer and mix engineer, David Castillo (OpethKatatoniaBloodbath), and additional mix and mastering engineer, Jens Bogren (OpethSoilworkThe OceanDevin Townsend).

van Dyck further elaborated on the album recording process: “New surroundings and collaboration are two of the best catalysts for inspiring creative energy. Living in Stockholm and recording with David Castillo was the opportunity of a lifetime for us. We were immersed in such a vibrant musical space and passionate group of people that ultimately made this record what it is. That inclusive spirit in working with David and the guest musicians on the record brought out that energy in each of us.”

Through organic layers of living, breathing orchestra (courtesy of the Moscow Studio Symphony Orchestra), and an eclectic arsenal of world music-influenced instrumentation, Earthside fashions an ever-changing sound that is equally engrossing alongside a work of cinematic art as it is resonating throughout a densely packed concert venue.

A Dream in Static, the group’s conceptual mission statement, is a story of purposeful sacrifice and existential yearning told across sweeping instrumental movements, interwoven with adventurous vocal compositions featuring premier voices from across the rock and metal worlds.

“Our music aims to evoke the full range of human emotions,” van Dyck added. “Having those emotions and themes expressed more directly through the voices of some of our favorite singers and musicians was an unbelievable experience and something we cannot wait to share with everyone.”

The first single, “The Closest I’ve Come,” can be streamed on YouTube at:

A teaser video for the album can be seen on YouTube at:

Live dates and additional album details will be announced shortly. Stay tuned for more information.

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Jamie van Dyck – Guitar
Frank Sacramone – Keyboards
Ben Shanbrom – Drums
Ryan Griffin – Bass


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