Oh man, oh man! There’s a New Fierce and the Dead EP.

This came via email:

Magnet e.p. out 14/8/15
We have some new music for you!
Available as a CD and digital download, the e.p. ‘Magnet’ is the first music we’ve released for almost two years, so we’re pretty excited about this. A new album should be following on next year so this should keep you going.
The e.p. download consists of 5 tracks with the CD version containing a bonus extra track. The CD is limited to 250 copies and the first 100 are signed and numbered.
You can listen to the first song from the EP and pre-order it from BEM here:
We will be releasing some more goodies over the coming months so make sure you keep an eye on the skies.
Get involved!

Kev, Matt, Stuart & Steve.

Here’s the promo video/song.  Very nice.


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