Chasing Light by Built for the Future

Built for the Future

A few weeks ago Facebook friend and prog-rocker jHimm (you can read my review of his debut album here) called my attention to a new band named Built for the Future. B4TF hails from San Antonio, Texas, and consists of only two members: Patric Farrell (all instruments, backing vocals), and Kenny Bissett (lead vocals). This dynamic duo released their debut album Chasing Light on July 28. They are supported by Dave Pena and Chris Benjamin on guitars and Imaya Farrell on cello/violin/viola. The album is dedicated to the late, great Chris Squire.

B4TF sound like a fusion of Yes, Porcupine Tree, and Spock’s Beard. Throw in some Tears for Fears, and I believe that impressive concoction comes closest to describing these alternative prog-rockers. At the end of the day, however, B4TF definitely maintain their own unique sound.

A concept album, Chasing Light is an exciting debut. These songs in particular stand out:

“Arrive” – the opening song bursts forth with energy, setting the tone for the rest of the album.

“Speed of the Climb” – as the title suggests, this piece is a thrilling, fast paced rocker that may remind one of Spock’s Beard.

“Build for the Future” – has a more somber feel to it; similar in sound to Porcupine Tree, but not quite as dark. The title alone suggests hope, and the possibility of a better tomorrow.

“Running Man” – features sensational distorted guitar work. My favorite song on the album.

“Samsara” – echoes of Yes with multilayered synths and acoustic guitars.

“The Great Escape” – the closer; stunning epic on an excellent album.

I am always pleased to find a new album to review, and I highly recommend this one. The influence of some of the best symphonic prog bands is evident, but Farrell and Bissett add their own touch to the album, and what emerges is a distinct style worthy of praise. For the best (and most succinct) description of the album, however, here is Patric Farrell himself:

 “This theme was inspired by true events in my life, and each song actually represents real feeling and escapism from that experience. Change in life is a big ordeal, looking for truths, looking for a better place, looking for light is all we can do when we are faced with such a turn.”

You can purchase the album here:


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