Album review: Chris Cornell @chriscornell — Higher Truth ★★★★★

The new album from quondam frontman of Soundgarden and Audioslave, Chris Cornell, is released today.

And what an astonishing piece of work it is.

Cornell has always been one of the greatest voices in hard rock. But in recent years, with his solo work, and especially in live venues, Cornell has spread his wings and soared to every corner of the widest reaches of the capacious genre of classic rock.

On this new album, acoustic guitars and pianos dominate the soundscape, and Cornell shows himself to be an unsung songwriting hero, consistently able to spin rock and roll classics.

The songwriting here on his fifth solo album is consistently top-notch, and with this release Cornell has absolutely proven himself to inhabit the upper echelon of rock talent.

This is an album for the ages. With this definitive statement of ballad-writing skill and supremely classic rock vocals, Cornell delivers to us a moving collection of songs that cements his reputation as one of the very best artists ever.

Be sure to pick up the Deluxe Edition, so you can get four more songs (the final one is a killer remix of “Our Time in the Universe”) in addition to the twelve tracks of the regular edition of Higher Truth.

This album alone could gain Cornell entrance to the Rock Hall of Fame. The album has such a classic sound with the most accessible songs of his career that Cornell could have his own FM radio station and this album could play in heavy rotation and everybody would tune in both for the entire drive to work and for the entire drive home.

However that may be, here’s my never-fail recommendation. As the sun sets, light a candle and pour a glass, and put this album on the stereo. It will rightly carry you through into a higher truth of the most exquisite musical beauty.

A raised glass to you, Mr. Cornell. Congratulations on your finest album yet!

Album: Chris Cornell, Higher Truth

Progarchist rating: ★★★★★ (10/10)

6 thoughts on “Album review: Chris Cornell @chriscornell — Higher Truth ★★★★★

  1. I AGREE With You 110% on the POWER of Chris Cornell’s voice!!! I’ve listened to my Soundgarden cd’s numerous times JUST to hear his perfectly-pitched metal-“Screech”!!! LOVE IT,LOVE IT,LOVE IT!!! Will definitely give this one,a listen!!!


  2. carleolson

    You beat me! Great review. Yes, great album. Up there with “Euphoria Morning/Mourning” as his best solo album. Perhaps better, in terms of range and lyrical depth. Still need to listen a couple more times.


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