Nothing compares to ChrisPrinceO’ConnorCornell!

As a longtime admirer of the musical magic of Soundgarden and Chris Cornell, I had high hopes for Cornell’s new solo album “Higher Truth”. I was not disappointed. On the contrary, the album exceeded my expectations; I think that TimeLord is right on the mark in giving the album 5 stars. I’ve listened to the album some 30 times or so now, and keep finding new aural delights, whether in the abundance of fabulous melodies, or the subtleties (yes, subtleties!) of the vocals and harmonies (all of them by Cornell), or the fabulous production.

On top of that embarrassment of riches, SiriusXM radio recently released a video, now going viral, of Cornell performing “Nothing Compares To U”, which was a major hit for Sinead O’Connor a quarter century ago (was it really that long ago? Yep.). Many folks apparently think O’Connor wrote the song, but it was actually written by Prince for his side project, The Family, and it appears on one of his hits compilations. Cornell, as he did with Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean”, employs a more bluesy sound, augmented by cello and additional acoustic guitar. The result is dynamite:


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