R40 Live to be Released: News from Prog-Sphere

Our good friends at Prog-Sphere have the following news regarding the November release of a R40 Live dvd.

Canadian rock legends Rush had both of their hometown Toronto performances — on June 17 and June 19 at the Air Canada Centre — professionally filmed and recorded for a future live DVD release. It is the first time the band had filmed a hometown concert in almost 20 years — since the recording of Rush‘s 1997 show at the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre on the ”Test For Echo“ tour. Prior to that, they recorded the legendary ”Exit… Stage Left“ at Massey Hall in 1980.

The new Rush set will be released on CD/DVD on November 20 via Zoe / Rounder Records / Concord Music Group.

For all details, go to: http://www.prog-sphere.com/news/rush-release-new-live-dvd-november/

One thought on “R40 Live to be Released: News from Prog-Sphere

  1. Ah YES!!! The “LIVE” DVD that EVERYONE should have!!! Who knows? Maybe in 30yrs…..THAT Generation will watch this live-performance with the same “WOW” that all of US watched “Exit-Stage-Left” with while WE were growing up!?!? 🙂



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