Interview with PROSPECTIVE


Prog metal youngsters from Bologna, Prospective released their debut EP titled “Chronosphere” earlier this year. About the release, the working relationship within the band and more, guys talked with Progarchy.

In March this year you released your debut release titled “Chronosphere.” What can you tell me about it?

Chronosphere contains all our influences, emotions and ideas that we wanted to give to other people.It contains anger, rage but also happiness and joy, it’s groovy and catchy and these last adjectives will be a significant part in our new material.

In some reviews, the reviewer said we are Core but also near Between The Buried And Me style, we just make our music, the genre is up to you!

Is the EP’s name inspired by “Command and Conquer” franchise?

(laughs) No, we’ve just heard of it! It comes from an alteration of “Chronos Speaks”, the last song of the EP. We think that the time has a big influence on humans. Chronos was the mythological god of time, and the word Sphere refers to the universe which we are in.


I have a question for Pietro- which vocalists have influenced your style?

The recording process of the EP was really interesting for me cause i had to work fast and do “one shot one kill”. My influences are mainly Spencer Sotelo and Dan Tompkins.

How do you guys go about sharing guitar duties in the band?

That’s an interesting question. In our songs we often play different parts, Davide plays the “reverb and delay” parts and arpeggios, while Luca does the groovy stuff and solos. All the different guitar parts complete each other, harmonically speaking.


Who in the band generally brings an idea for a song? What is your working chemistry like?

Prospective has been an one-man-band for a while, so the ideas came from Flavio only. When the band was complete, Luca gave a lot of inspiration and he composed 3 (of 6) songs in the EP. The working chemistry goes like: Luca sends a GPX file to Flavio, he says “I like it!” or “Meh”, then the composing process can begin.

Is there anything new that your are working on at the moment? When can we expect a Prospective full-length record?

We’re working on the pre-production and rehearsal of new songs, in 2016 we’ll start recording a full-length album and hopefully release an official video.

What have you been listening to lately?

We’ve been listening to Polaris by Tesseract. We’re completely addicted to that album.

In which measure the music you listen influence your songwriting?

In the band there are 2 songwriters, Luca and Flavio. Luca tries to listen every possible genre to make every composition the more personal and different from the others. Instead Flavio tends to absorb every artist he listen to. You can hear a big difference between Increase and Karma’s Lesson, they correspond to a “Proggy listening” and a “Metal listening”.

Which bands from the scene influence your work?

There are many, like: Periphery, Tesseract, Monuments and Meshuggah.

Do you think if djent as a genre has a bright future?

We don’t use it a lot, but we think binary code is a great thing.

“Chronosphere” is available from Bandcamp. The band is on Facebook too.


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