A Few Changes to PROGARCHY

bbt (1)Dear Readers,

First, as always, thank you!  As we’re only about a week and a half from our 3rd birthday, it’s nice to remember how much you’ve supported us and allowed us to grow.  The growth has been steady, in terms of readership, and I think our writing just gets better and better.  And, we’re getting to a point at which we’re having trouble getting everything reviewed.  Not a bad problem to have.

Regardless, thank you so much for the kind support you’ve shown.

Second, you’ve probably noticed the layout of the site is different.  This is most likely a temporary layout, and we’ll keep shifting things around until we’re satisfied.  I (Brad) have almost no training in design, and I have even less training in website creation.  We’ve been using WordPress templates thus far, but we’ve found these too limiting as we’ve grown.  As of today, we’ll be working with a third-party web provider, one that specializes in WordPress sites.  I’m not exactly sure how this transition will work, but I have faith in the provider.  Already, they’ve proven quite excellent in customer relations.  If there’s a problem, it’s that my 48-year old brain can’t quite get the terminology down.  But, it will come.  Much like the graying of my hair.

Third, you’re seeing our first ad appearing at the top of the page.  Don’t worry, we won’t sell Chia pets or anything “As Seen on TV.”  Promise.  We’ll only accept ads for and from companies that believe in art, integrity, and, of course, understandably, profit.  We’re not anti-market.  Quite the opposite, actually, but we want the market to produce the best.  The best for the artist and the best for the listener.

Consequently, we’re extremely proud to work with InsideOut.  This is a real company, this is a real label.  One that has promoted some of the very best of Third-Wave Prog.  Already, relations with Jeff Wagner and Roie Avin have been nothing short of outstanding.  I’m rather excited to get to know each of them better and to promote the truly artistic and quality work each embodies and represents.  Please join us in supporting InsideOut whenever and wherever possible.

I’m very much looking forward to all that is coming in our fourth year.

Thanks for enjoying the ride with us!

Yours, Brad (ed.)

2 thoughts on “A Few Changes to PROGARCHY

  1. Well,FIRST………….I will admit that having ANY “advertising” on this site,is something I do NOT LIKE,nor agree with at ALL!!! However,I DO fully understand that with the need to grow and expand in your readership,I’m fully aware that You need help in getting that goal accomplished,with help from outside-resources,whom OF COURSE……..are wanting to “advertise”!!! Lol.

    Anyhoo,having said THAT………..I DO rather like the “look” and feel of the new page here!!! Despite it only being “temporary”. Anyway………..Please keep up the OUTSTANDING-WORK You and your fellow com-padres’ have done with this Site Brad!!! As I’ve been a follower from the start,and will continue to BE ONE in the future!!! 🙂




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