Review: Turbulence – Disequilibrium

Turbulence - Disequilibrium

Founded in February 2013 in Lebanon, it took two years for Turbulence to complete the work on their full-length debut album “Disequilibrium.” The album is out now, and it includes six songs.

“Disequilibrium” vindicates the band for its hard work and the detailed music plans. Influenced by prog metal veterans such as Dream Theater and Symphony X mainly, Turbulence do not fear to play the game and present their own take on progressive music embellished by prog rock, atmospheric, power metal and melodic metal elements. Sometimes the band may remind you of a heavy/power melodic metal band, but Turbulence feel most comfortable in the prog metal music defined in the 90’s.

The band is doing better when they deliver longer tracks, and that’s the case with last three songs on the album. Of course, a prog metal band is obliged to have long tracks, but most of times it feels forced, what is not a case with this Lebanese band.

The six tracks that make up “Disequilibrium” range from the complex “Richardson’s Nightmare” and title song to the highly melodic “Never Le Me Go,” “Everlasting Retribution,” and “My Darkest Hour.” “Disequilibrium” (song) is almost fourteen minutes long and it comes with intricate time changes, spiralling guitars and emotion filled vocals. Vocals of Owmar El Hage, guitars of Alain Ibrahim and keyboards of Mood Yassin combine to drive this complicated yet rewarding song to its powerful conclusion.

If Turbulence can continue to write and perform as they have done on “Disequilibrium,” then their future could be a very bright one indeed.

“Disequilibrium” is out now and is available from iTunes and CD Baby. Follow the band on Facebook here.


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