Mandatory Listen: Mechanical Man’s self-titled full-length debut


At the peak of musical proficiency, Moscow based progressive metal band Mechanical Man make a triumphant debut on the international prog scene. The band’s self-titled full-length release brings to life the sonically explosive heavy prog metal backdrop by way of singer Alexey Efimov, guitarist Sergey Danilov, bassist Alexander Litoshenko, keyboardist Evgeny Komarom, and drummer Vitaly Ostrov. “Mechanical Man” is an ambitious exhibit of power and emotion. No amount of focus detracts from the progressive and heavy metal influences, as both play fair part in providing equal stimulation for ears. A focused balance of both elements is crucial to an effective deliverance, and Mechanical Man do that.

Wrapped in a cinematic veil, Mechanical Man’s music has definitely a lot to offer. Opening track “Mechanical Man” really summarizes this album. The strange bits of music, the sudden changes of tempo, the magnificent performance, it prepares the listener of what’s to come. With an awfully tight performance by the full band, this album proves to be pure gold.

The band remains focused as the album passes by, by delivering more of greatness in the shape of wonderfully emotional “Wonderful World,” lively “Madhouse” and “Nightmare Master,” explosive “Queen of the Night,” balladic “Will of Fate,” and eclectic “Dr. Frankenstein.”

“Mechanical Man” by Mechanical Man deserves your attention, so without hesitation get this album from Bandcamp and dig deep into this amazing album. With an utterly brilliant performance by the band this album is one that has to be heard by every prog metal fan. These guys managed to make an incredible record.

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2 thoughts on “Mandatory Listen: Mechanical Man’s self-titled full-length debut

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