2 thoughts on “Rush, Neil Peart, and Stoic Week 2015

  1. I admire the recognition of “Stoicism” and all the great-thinkers of our time,but after watching the video-above…………….and reading that one can take a “test” to LEARN how to become MORE Stoic!?!? LOL. Seriously?

    I think due to this generation’s “social-media” addiction………..it now seems that ANYONE can accomplish being a great-thinker,or a singer,or rock-star,or famous-actor simply by watching some video’s online about it!!!

    To TRULY “become” something,You can’t just simply “study” UP on it!!! You have to GIVE yourself over to it!!! You have to LIVE it!!! Being a great-thinker,filled with Wisdom and knowledge,is NOT something that can be accomplished by taking a “test” for it,but it comes with time and experience and the adaptability to SEE something in many different ways!!! NOT just one!!!

    Anyway,Good-Luck to all those who think by taking an online “test”,they’ll SOON be in the same realm as Socrates’!!! Haha. ~Peace~

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    1. Bryan Morey

      Very well said, Indieun7. I’m glad I’m not the only one detesting this new way of thinking, or should I say lack of thinking. My generation has no concept of what is truly good and beautiful.

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