Interview with MECHANICAL MAN

Mechanical Man

Moscow’s Mechanical Man released their self-titled full-length album earlier this month, and it’s been receiving good critics (read our review here). In an interview with Progarchy, the band discusses the creative process of the album, their sound, and future.

Mechanical Man released their first self-titled album recently. Are you satisfied how it turned out?

Alexey (vocals): Yes, absolutely! In our opinion, the album turned out to be really good. There’s even nothing that we would add or change. But what is more important, we’ve acquired a lot of experience while recording the album. This will definitely help us in our future studio work.

How did the song writing process for “Mechanical Man” go?

Eugeny (keyboards): Well, there is one thing you should know. There’s only one person in our band who writes parts for all the instruments – our guitarist Sergey. And he does it really cool! After that we just edit each part by making it more complicated and sophisticated. Then we play a song together dozens of times until it gets its shape. And everything we do, we do in a friendly atmosphere.

Mechanical Man album art

What were the hardest moments during the creative and production process of “Mechanical Man”?

Sergey (guitars): Working with vocal parts, I think. The thing is that the frontrunner’s voice and the vocal line itself are incredibly important. We wanted to make the choruses sound exceptionally, so that everyone wanted to join in with signing. Our singer was working on it. We had a lot of variants of how to sing this or that part, so it wasn’t always easy for us to make a choice and put everything together.

How would you describe the sound of the self-titled album?

Sergey (guitars): While creating the album we were sticking to the idea that the sound should be aggressive and at the same time melodious. We were paying scrupulous attention to keyboards sound by choosing appropriate samples. Also, we didn’t want to “overload” our album with low guitars, we tried to make warm guitar sound which characterize classic heavy metal. We think we’ve done it!

What are drawbacks and benefits of self producing an album?

Alexandr (bass): It’s difficult to give a straight answer. We had freedom of action, we didn’t have any restrictions, while recording the album. We were making decisions by ourselves. In any case, we believe we’ve achieved a magnificent and modern sound.

Mechanical Man

“Mechanical Man” is a fresh release, but are you working on anything new already?

Alexey (vocals): Sure! We have enough material for the next album, but this is just drafts. So, let’s not anticipate events. We are not going to stop! We have big plans for the future!

“Mechanical Man” is available from Bandcamp. Get this excellent album for measly seven bucks here.

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