An appreciation of PHIL COLLINS: You’re not worthy

Make Your Own Taste

2642616by Allister Thompson

I retired from blogging about music in July of 2015, after many years of frequent posting. My fingers and brain were tired. However, I am coming out of retirement for this one special post, one which I feel compelled to write. Anyone with an ethical bone in his or her body knows that we have entered a really weird cultural period, dominated by the Internet’s insidious role in life, every fool’s newfound outlet to spew whatever crap he or she wants, no matter how idiotic or hurtful. Cyberbullying, cyberracism, cybersexism, hey, call whoever whatever names you like. No one can stop it. One thing making the rounds this week was some jerk’s petition to demand Phil Collins not make a comeback to music. While this is not on the same level as insulting people’s race or sexual orientation, it still says something about the catty, superficial nature…

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One thought on “An appreciation of PHIL COLLINS: You’re not worthy

  1. WOW Tobbe…………I’m sure I speak for everyone ON THIS SITE,who gladly THANKS-YOU for reposting this blog HERE!!!

    I read EVERY SINGLE WORD of this man’s blog above^^^,and I AGREED with every single WORD of it,as well!!! He spoke his mind,made numerous,inciteful points and wholeheartedly,spoke the TRUTH about all the “naysayers” who refuse to give Phil-Collins proper credit for ALL the work he’s done over the years!!! (Yes,even his “bluesy” rendition of “You can’t hurry Love”,which is one of my FAVORITE Collins songs EVER,and NO,I don’t GIVE A **** if You LIKE this song,HATE this song,or whatever,cause THAT’S MY PERSONAL opinion on it!!!)

    So anyway,my point BEING……… although I’ve NEVER ONCE “met” Phil-Collins,I’m sure if I ever had the chance,I’d walk away thinking and feeling,that THIS was THE MOST talented man,musician,and overall SLAP-HAPPY,SILLY and humorous man I’ve ever met!!! And You all can QUOTE me on that one!!! 🙂



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