Interview with SPLIT BEARING

Split Bearing

Split Bearing from Olomouc in Czech Republic are active since 2002, and last year they released their second studio album “Welcome to the Present.” Guitarist Mirek Reznicek and singer Petr Duliskovic talk about their work, playing live and more.

Your latest album was released in 2014. Is there any new material you are working on at the moment? What is comes next in the sound and history of Split Bearing?

M. R.: Yes, we are working on new material…

There is quite a lot of stuff we need to brush up on, review, innovate and compose.
In the second half of 2015 a new member came to the band – bassist Honza Duliskovic, who is a great asset for us. Not only gaining a player – but I think he is inventive too as well… so hopefully the new songs will be served soon.

Welcome to the Present
Let’s talk about playing live. How does Split Bearing look on the stage? What can you tell us about your performances?

M.R.: The concept of SB live performance regarding the songs, corresponds with the type of event.

When we played with Deep Purple, certainly our performance was not about rougher songs and conversely – when we share the stage with some power metal band, then we play a bit harder. 🙂 But the playlist is mostly universal for all.

SB love to perform live, we really enjoy every minute on stage, but still we have to try hard to gain more opportunities to appear at rock/metal gigs.

Are you satisfied with the reaction of audiences on your shows?

M. R.: Progressive metal is still marginal thing. Most of the time, when we perform at the festival or play at the club, mostly only the other bands are staring at us.

Unfortunately, we still do not have enough of a name to that can draw hundreds of fans, but we are happy beyond a few 🙂
Are there any plans for a European tour in the close future?

M.R.: Almost none… We really wish to get a chance to perform in abroad, we are working on it and hopefully something interesting will come in our way soon.

What are some of the issues you guys have come across before, during and after your live performances?

M.R.: Phew….the basis of the issue which we normally face to is that we are leaving concerts with “one pocket leaking and spilled second”…

Simply no celebration in terms of return.

Randal Club_Bratislava_2015
As you describe what you do as progressive metal, what is your opinion about the progressive metal scene today?

P.D.: There are a lot of bands playing this style nowadays and they are pretty good but for me personally not every band has “something” that will really catch you and force you to listen to it from beginning to end. So it’s not always only about great musicians but also the music they are able to create.

For example Anubis Gate or Circus Maximus – their songs are heavy, powerful, technical, catchy but mainly very melodic, one of the elements which I like the most.

What is your opinion on the new subgenres of progressive metal that are based on the term “modern”? Do you think that this makes the sound better or does it corrupt it?

M.R.: I like what new brings USA for example Periphery and their last double album… bambastic, heavy, and a modern sound.

It is true there were nordic Meshuggah with a math metal before Periphery, but this fusion of Periphery is awesome.

Maybe less of screaming, but that is just my opinion. 🙂
What is the progressive metal scene like in your country?

P.D. Unfortunately it is quite weak… In fact you can count them on fingers of one hand.  It is a pity and I am so sad about the music situation in our country.  That is why you must be really a big fan and dedicated to create a prog metal band here.

Recommend us some great bands from Czech Republic that we should check out.

Personal Signet.

Are you satisfied with where Split Bearing currently stands? What would you love to improve?

We are mainly satisfied with a new band management. In fact we never had a proper management.

I think this part is neccesary element and our fantastic Vilma really helps with PR and support us as much as possible.

And what would we love to improve? Definitely expand the scope of audience and fan base. Maybe one day we will succeed 🙂

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