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Hello everyone

Until the end of November, all Big Big Train merchandise at The Merch Desk is half price. Pop over to:
to find some Christmas present ideas for the prog fan who has everything. Or just for yourself…

The release of “Stone and Steel”, originally planned for this year, will now happen on 7th March 2016. Alongside nine songs and documentary footage filmed at Real World in 2014, we have decided to include four songs from the Kings Place gigs this year, and to mix all performances in 5.1 as well as stereo. It hasn’t proved possible to complete this work in time for a pre-Christmas release.

Given a total running time which will approach three hours, we’ve also taken the decision to release “Stone and Steel” on Blu-Ray only to ensure the highest quality video and audio. It will also be available as a paid download via Vimeo.

As a consolation for anybody who was hoping that Santa might put a copy in their stocking, we’ve released video of another Kings Place performance online: “Judas Unrepentant”:
(This performance won’t be included in “Stone and Steel”.)

Best wishes,
Andy, Danny, Dave, David, Greg, Nick, Rachel & Rikard
Big Big Train


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