Album Review: Rush – R40 Live CD

Rush is never going to get a #1 album as long as they continue to release a much anticipated new album the same day someone else, who has a wider fan base, releases theirs. R40 Live has ZERO chance of going #1 against Adele’s new album and it is pretty rare for a live album […]

One thought on “Album Review: Rush – R40 Live CD

  1. For ALL US TRUE “Rush” fans…………………NO OTHER ALBUM,even COMPARES to the release of THIS ONE!!! PERIOD!!! Of course,hearing this LIVE,will NEVER take the place of hearing the same thing,in a “recorded” version…….But that’s true with ANY kind of music,isn’t it??? Lol. For I was NOT THERE when the trio played LIVE in a school-gym back in the early 70’s at St.Catherine’s,BUT hearing tracks NOW,that were recorded back then………is ALMOST as GOOD for someone like ME!!! Yes,the “quality” of it,is MUCH LESS than what it is today,but the POINT BEING……….Your STILL able to hear the “Youth” of what came to be,the MOST MAGNIFICENT Trio EVER PRODUCED!!! 🙂



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