Interview with WILL HACK

Will Hack

Will Hack recently released a video single for “The Change in Me,” which features guitarist and producer Tony Lowe (Robert Fripp, David Cross, Flying Colors, etc.). About the single and his plans for the future, Will was kind to talk with us in the interview below.

Alright, first things first. Before we dive into all the music stuff, how’s life?

Life is very good, thank you. I am very excited with what music has to offer and in return for what I can offer to the lives of people in the world through my music. I have the joy of supporting children through my support work and teaching career but also in my music career, I aim to help others. I would like to help people to enjoy life; to feel empathy, even if just for a little over five minutes! Music is there with us on the journey of life; it can be a very good friend, and will allow us to feel alive. I hold this mission when creating music. Each song I create aims to tell a story, but also lets the audience create their very own emotional response, so two people may experience the music in different ways. So, thank you for asking; life is good and music is definitely a big part of it. I am enjoying writing songs, rehearsing on my drum kit, piano and working on vocals. I have also enjoyed the challenge of being involved with the video production for my new single too. I enjoy learning new skills!

Speaking of new music, you recently released a new single. Are you satisfied with the reception you received for “The Change in Me” so far?

I have been overwhelmed with the reception from ‘The Change in Me’. Thousands of views of the music video in a couple of weeks and so many people across the world have shared it via social media and expressed kind, supportive comments in different languages. I have made new fans across the world from Brazil to Spain and a number of other countries, and these great people are actively showing support, which is so valuable to me. It is with the support from family, friends and fans across the world that makes it all possible. And it doesn’t look as though the warm reception for ‘The Change in Me’ is slowing down- each day my inbox is flooded with lovely comments from my followers. I want to thank everyone so much for this support. And, I want to express my gratitude towards the producer and featured artist, Tony Lowe, for their involvement in the music, and to Sunn Creative for their involvement with the video.

What is “The Change in Me” about?

‘The Change in Me’ is a story of emotion; one of personal experience of change in my own life, and a way of expressing the journey that I felt I was on at the time of writing it, and that I expected to always be on. It is all about the importance of immersing oneself into the darker and sadder tones in ones thoughts, because unless you do this you cannot truly find happiness and the correct path you are meant to be on. A bit like a way of dealing with experiences in life; letting the mind unwind and process what has happened (not dissimilar to how we dream and re-programme ourselves ready for the challenges of the next new day). ‘The Change in Me’ therefore is really a very positive song. Although it has some rather dark lyrical themes the overarching message and integral mission of the track is that we should somehow come to terms with what has happened, to try and move on and to enjoy learning in life. Hopefully this ties in with my comment about wanting my music to help others as the track aims to act as a form of support and example of empathy.

Are there any touring plans?

At the moment I am promoting my single and continuing to work on various areas of my music career. I would welcome the opportunity for a tour and concert dates in the future but at the moment I have been taking some time to focus on giving this single the attention I would like to offer it. I would be very interested to work towards live shows in the near future as a solo artist but also as a musician working with other artists too.

While we’re on the subject of touring, what countries would you love to tour?

I would love the opportunity to tour countries I have yet to visit before. It would be amazing to tour in the countries that have supported my music. For now though, I am happy to have my feet on the ground and to be promoting my music in other ways. Although, playing concerts are simply amazing experiences.

Who and what inspires you the most?

My inspiration comes from my passion for music. I love the positive feeling that I get while drumming to my heart’s content, or while playing a passionate melody on the piano, or while belting out a powerful vocal effort in my singing. The great feelings that I get from such musical activities give me my drive to create pieces of musical works to share with others. Also, it is the support from family, friends and followers/ audience members who make it all possible. The warm support from everyone since the start of my musical life as a young child has inspired me to learn, practise for hours most days for 25 years, yearn to mature musically, and to develop as a musician. This is always with the central idea that I want to help others; that others may enjoy the experience I can offer either in a live show, sonically and or through video.

Will Hack

What other genres of music do you listen to? Have any of the other genres you listen to had any impact on your playing?

I think that the genres of music that have inspired me have depended on what I have been doing at the time. As a drummer I have been inspired by certain heavier rock bands and progressive rock artists, as a pianist and composer I have been inspired by genres from pop to classical to film scores to rock, and as a vocalist and music listener I have been inspired by more genres than I can think of! I am one of those sorts of musicians whom cannot easily answer that question, because such a wide variety of genres, bands and musical works have inspired me towards my own ‘style’. In short, if the music stimulates a sense of power, energy and emotion then I probably would love to hear it, and may then want to learn from it too. I enjoy the challenge to creatively entwine various genres, so that I may build a colourful mix and a rich sound scape for my own music.

I really appreciate you giving us your time today. Is there anything else you’d like to tell us and the fans before we wrap things up?

Just that I am grateful for the opportunity for this interview and I hope my followers will like learning more about the journey of my music. Together, let’s inspire the music and hearts of tomorrow!

“The Change in Me” is available from Will Hack’s Bandcamp. You can follow Will on Facebook here.


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