Review: Sound Struggle – Rise


Music is like the biggest ocean of the Earth. With billions of colours, billions of lives, and water drops. So complicated, sometimes dark, sometimes wavy. Sometimes warn and in a moment cold enough. There are treasures hidden in these waters. Sound Struggle is one of those. As the band’s name suggest, they have struggled with their sound to bring it to the level where it is now. And now is their second studio release titled “Rise.”

Sound of funk stuck inside djent, progressive metal; brutal vocals matched perfectly with cleans; sometimes calm as a jazz song, sometimes more aggressive — there is a lot of struggle in here. That is the only logic explanation of this Boston based band.

From the first moment of the album until its last breathe, there is absolutely something that will keep you excited. From progressive rock to djent to jazz to metal, “Rise” has plenty of diverse elements signed by the band. One of the most interesting things about the music of Sound Struggle is that the saxophone is featured full-time. They continuously throw in plenty of different elements such as swinging jazz walks, funk grooves, and progressive metal intricacy. Although this sounds incompatible ‘Rise’ is a very accessible release with a steady pulse. There is plenty of inventive and ambitious material displayed here. Starting from the opening “Strongth” to the heavy jazz metal of “Rotating Door” and “Tempest.” My favourite tracks, though, are the classic jazz inspired title song and the insanely dense “Close Your Eyes.”

All in all, “Rise” is another mind-blowing experimentation from one of the funniest, innovative, and most technically accomplished bands out there.

“Rise” is available now from Bandcamp. Sound Struggle is a band you want to follow on Facebook.


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