Metal Mondays: Unleash the Archers delivers another concept album @UnleashArchers

The Georgia Straight has a great article on Unleash the Archers. In it, we discover that Time Stands Still is indeed a concept album:

… Brittney Hayes—aka Brittney Slayes, the vocalist and lyricist for the band—joins us at a Granville Street coffee shop to explain it to us.

“It’s about, basically, the struggles of being an independent band in Canada,” she says. Hayes is pleasantly nerdy and bespectacled off-stage, seeming more like a history geek—which she is—than a charismatic metal frontwoman. “It was all written before we were signed [by Austrian label Napalm Records]. Each song is about a different obstacle you have to overcome as an independent band.

“‘Frozen Steel’ is about metalheads in Canada, and how passionate they are, and how they would brave a winter storm to go to a show because they love metal so much.”

It’s a good bet, now that we’ve been given the magic decoder ring, that “Tonight We Ride”—which spawned a Mad Max–themed video, filmed in the Nevada desert using props from the Death Guild Thunderdome camp at Burning Man—is about facing up to the challenges of touring.

And the anthemic high point, “Test Your Metal”? “It’s about hometown heroes, really—about these bands that are so good but they just won’t tour or do anything. It’s like, ‘Get out there! Show them what you can do! You’re frickin’ talented, you’re incredible, why are you sitting at home playing to the same people every night?’ ” …


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