Interview with Simon Binggeli of Orymus


Orymus from Bern in Switzerland released their sophomore studio album in March this year. Bassist Simon Binggeli answered our questions about the band, the new album, and more.

What is the meaning of the band’s name?

The bandname „Orymus“ doesn’t refer to anything. We thought that Orymus sounds quite unique, goes directly in the ears and stays there, just like the sound of the band. 😉 Another benefit is for sure, that the name / the band is easy to find on google and on the internet in general.

How did Orymus take its shape?

Five schoolfriends were jammin‘ out in a muffy basement ten years ago. Sounds like a soap opera, but it’s the true story of the beginning of Orymus. The band lineup actually did not have any change since that day.

How would you describe the sound of your new album “Miracles”?

The album Miracles is like an adventure. It takes you through good old rock music, mixed with progressive, heavy and calm elements. A good adventure contains surprising moments which you won’t believe at first sight. This is what Miracles is all about. We’re playing with contrasts, feelings and transmit many different atmospheres to the listener.

Comparing the two albums you released so far, are there any big changes between the two periods in which these records were created?

To be honest, we didn’t had much time to think about big changes. The first album received very good critics, so all the bandmates immediately pushed on continuing, producing another great album and going back on stage. Worth mentioning definitely is that we changed the studio and the producer for the second album. This time, we worked with the great Yann Rouiller (NAZARETH, CORE 22). This guy was able to put a lot of his personal experience into the record. He did an awesome job!


What are you talking about in your lyrics?

The lyrics often care about possession and loss in life. We try to bring to the listener what he is also affected by. MIRACLES follows a detailed concept and tells stories about the end of the world and it’s new beginnings.

Orymus pays tribute to the ‘70s hard rock rather than being a contemporary rock act. Does it have to do something with your personal tastes?

For sure. Favourite bands of mine such as Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Queen, Black Sabbath and Uriah Heep also inspired the other ORYMUS members to play the „real, old rock music“. Also our parents influenced us in childhood by listening to old vinyl stuff.

But let us clarify one thing: Not all the modern rock bands are bad.

In your opinion what are the drawbacks and benefits of modern-day technology and Internet when it comes to bands?

Unquestioning, the biggest benefit is that you can reach the whole music world with only one click. No matter where your band is based in, people all around the world can listen to your songs, download or order them on CD/Vinyl. The possibility, how you can advertise new songs and albums on the internet is brilliant.

Unfortunately, a lot of people forget how hard the bands work for these outputs, so they download or stream the songs for free. Among other few reasons, the rock music business is in constant danger.


What is the last concert you attended?

The glamorous hitmachine „the Sweet“!!! Awesome party.

What do you think future holds for Orymus?

World domination! We receive great feedback on our current MIRACLES-tour (through Switzerland) and this stimulates us to soon go back to the band’s room and write up some completely new stuff. I think especially in these times of low-quality music the people are hungry for some fresh sound!

Any words for people who are new to Orymus and your music?

Open up your mind and take the adventure! I don’t want to say that it’s completely new what you will hear – because simply everything has been done already – but it will be refreshing for your ears and give you a good 1h20m of fun (you’ll replay the CD, trust me!).

“Miracles” is available from Bandcamp as a name-your-price download. You can follow the band on Facebook here.


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